Interview: Saïd Obbade, Materials physicist, Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma School of Engineering

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Published : 2 February 2015

Phelma expects to have signed partnership agreements with nearly 20 businesses by the end of this year

How many businesses have signed agreements with Phelma so far?
Since 2011, around ten businesses have signed or renewed partnerships with the school. At the end of 2014, missile manufacturer MBDA joined a circle of partners that includes names like Altran, DCNS, Safran, Elsys Design, Fresenius Kabi, Bull-Amesys, and Dolphin Integration. And our partnership drive is gaining momentum. By the end of this year, we expect to have nearly 20 corporate partners.

Why are partnerships so important to the school?
Strong relationships with manufacturing companies helps us keep pace with the latest technologies in use. This is crucial to giving our students the most up-to-date curriculum possible. Our partners provide us with privileged access to working professionals in energy, microelectronics, ICTs, and nanotechnologies to provide insights that shape our academic programs. They help us keep moving forward by pointing out areas where we can better align with the needs of today’s business world.
And our partnerships also make it easier to provide our 360 graduates with internship and career opportunities each year.

What do the partnerships entail?
Our partnerships are based on a written agreement with a duration of three years. The corporate partner agrees to contribute to academic life at the school (teaching classes, giving guest lectures, attending Partners’ Day, and conducting mock job interviews, for instance), hire our graduates, and support the school’s endowment.



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