IRT Nanoelec education and training program gets new strategy

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Published : 1 October 2018

In the runup to an evaluation by the French National Research Agency and Higher Education Certification Board, IRT Nanoelec is overhauling its strategy for the 2020–2025 period. The education and training program, headed by GEM’s Sylvie Blanco and Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Youla Morfouli, will narrow its focus to fewer, but more ambitious programs developed with partner companies.  A program on Lean R&D* in collaborative environments developed by IRT Nanoelec and STMicroelectronics will kick off in early 2019. Many of STMicroelectronics’ management-level employees will take the course. Among the other changes planned for the IRT Nanoelec education and training program are new technology platforms dedicated to education, training, and research at Grenoble Institute of Technology schools and an incubator-school on smart and sustainable technologies.

*an approach to limit waste while increasing efficiency


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