Iskn raises $2 million in fresh capital

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Published : 2 February 2015

Grenoble-based start-up iskn raised $2 million in fresh capital late last year from four investors—Partech Ventures, CEA Investissements, Kima Venture (in which Free CEO Xavier Niel holds a stake), and Pascal Cagni (General Manager and Vice President of Apple EMEA from 2000–2012).
A few months ago iskn moved from its offices at MINATEC to a new location in downtown Grenoble; the company’s headcount has grown from three to sixteen in the space of a year.
The company has delivered more than 2,000 units of its flagship “slate,” which can be purchased directly on the iskn website. In a few months, the product will also be available through other online retailers like Amazon and FNAC. Meanwhile, iskn’s three-year R&D contract with Leti is expected to lead to the release of a new product by the end of 2015.



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