ISKN raises capital, announces new hires, and launches three new products

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Published : 2 October 2018

Grenoble-based startup ISKN recently completed its second round of fundraising, bringing in €10.5 million in fresh capital. The funds helped kick off several major projects at the company. First, ISKN will hire twelve new employees before year’s end. The new hires, mainly R&D engineers, will expand the company’s current 40-strong workforce. Next, the company will launch three new products in 2019.   The first two address illustrators and designers, much like the ISKN Slate launched in 2015. They will instantly bring drawings on paper to life digitally. The third product, developed in partnership with a global corporation, will be for fun cognitive development games. ISKN was founded to commercialize its own product. This latest project will open the company’s augmented interaction technology up to new applications.



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