Isorg and Primo1D raise nearly €10 million

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Published : 6 October 2014

This summer was a record one for two Grenoble start-ups. Isorg, which specializes in printed electronics, raised €6.4 million, while Primo1D, which focuses on integrated electronics for textiles and plastics, brought in more than €10 million.

For Isorg, founded in 2010, the fresh capital will help the company achieve its target manufacturing launch date of late 2015-early 2016, most notably by providing some of the €18 million investment required to build a new plant in southwestern France. The company was given an opportunity to build its plant in Isère—with an earlier delivery date—but the southwestern-France location was more cost-competitive.

Primo1D, founded in 2013, plans to use the influx of funds to speed progress toward industrial rollout. The company plans to sharpen its market focus on textile traceability applications with its E-Thread®, which includes a miniature RFID tag that is invisible in finished fabric.




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