Jean-Marc Dedulle to head continuing and executive ed at Grenoble Institute of Technology

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Published : 6 October 2014

Jean-Marc Dedulle was appointed director of Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Division of Continuing and Executive Education. Dedulle, who formerly served as Phelma’s head of corporate relations, succeeds Didier Pellegrino. The appointment is the logical next step in a 20-year career that has continuously balanced roles in education, research, and industry. Furthermore, he will continue to teach at Phelma and pursue his research on computer simulation of coupled physical phenomena at LMGP.
In his new role, Dedulle will lead a team of thirteen permanent staff. His goals include offering more short courses as a way to better showcase the school’s high-caliber faculty, developing programs to facilitate access to the school via continuing and executive education, and expanding post-Master’s-level programs. Last year, 832 working professionals enrolled in short courses and 188 were enrolled in degree programs



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