Joint R&D lab to work on parallel-wired battery pack

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Published : 2 February 2015

Bordeaux-based EVTronic recently formed three-year, €1.5-million a joint R&D lab with CEA-Leti. The lab’s first objective is to develop a 30 kW parallel-wired battery pack demonstrator by the end of 2015. The battery pack would be hooked up to the grid and would provide additional electricity during peak electricity demand.
The joint lab is leveraging a CEA-patented battery architecture based on 3V cells (some wired to the system, others not). The architecture offers several benefits, such as eliminating the need for a UPS, boosting yield, improving heat dissipation, and keeping the battery running in the event of a faulty cell.
EVTronic is banking on the innovation to bolster its position on the electric vehicle charging and stationary electricity storage markets.


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