Julien Claudon receives CNRS Bronze Medal for his nanophotonics research

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Published : 30 November 2014

Julien Claudon, a research scientist at INAC, won the 2014 CNRS Bronze Medal for his nanophotonics research. Claudon studies controlling the interaction between light and matter within nanostructures.
The optical antennae Claudon developed under a joint research project involving INAC, the Institut d’Optique, and the Technical University of Denmark have already been proven effective at extracting the light from a quantum dot and shaping it into a directional beam. These sources of non-traditional (single-photon) states of light could be useful in quantum information technologies, for instance.
Claudon is now investigating ways to control the quantum dot’s optical qualities—such as the emitted light’s wavelength—by applying a constrained field to the dot.

Contact: julien.claudon@cea.fr

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