Large instruments knock on manufacturers’ doors

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Published : 8 December 2015

Grenoble’s large scientific instruments can help both SMBs and larger companies reach their R&D goals. But how? And how much does it cost? Answers to these and other questions will be available at CARAC2015 on December 7–8, 2015 at Grenoble’s Presqu’île scientifi que site. More than 50 representatives of manufacturing companies will come to glean useful information, tour the facilities, and watch demos at the ESRF, ILL, CEA Nanocharacterization Platform, and CMTC.
The 2014 edition of this event attracted representatives of companies like ARaymond, Schneider Electric, bioMérieux, and Essilor. But there is still room for progress: very few manufacturers know that they have access to characterization capabilities right here in Grenoble. The location’s high concentration of high-performance equipment makes it unique in France.


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