Lensless imaging: Cytonote off to a good start

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Published : 1 June 2015

France-based startup Iprasense (www.iprasense.com) unveiled its Cytonote digital microscope in late 2014 in London. Today, the company is pleased to announce its first sales of the very-large-field (30 mm2) microscope. The Cytonote microscope was developed by an Iprasense-Leti joint lab and uses lensless imaging technology patented by the CEA. The microscope is used to monitor and inspect cellular cultures in real time for bioproduction in the pharmaceutical, food, and other industries. It can observe thousands of cells at a time.

Cytonote is much more compact and easier to use than today’s most highly-regarded solution, video microscopy inside an incubator. Iprasense and Leti are already working together on a second product, this time for routine use in industrial vats.

Contact: jean-marc.dinten@cea.fr

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