Lensless imaging: Iprasense releases a new product

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Published : 3 October 2016

The joint lab between Iprasense and Leti has designed a new product, Cytonote Counter. This lensless digital microscope can observe a very large field (30 mm2) and measure cell viability with unrivalled reproducibility and precision. The markerless cell-viability measurement is based on a detailed analysis of the interference figures obtained. This means that marking with Trypan blue is no longer necessary, opening the door to uninterrupted cell observation. Several thousand cells can be observed simultaneously, which gives the measurements their statistical validity.

Cytonote Counter is being marketed to the pharmaceutical industry for use in bioreactors to monitor cell cultures for vaccine and monoclonal antibody production.
Three patents have been filed and Iprasense has already made several sales.

Contact: Alexandre.thermet@cea.fr

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