Leti and Liten join forces on additive technologies

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Published : 6 June 2016

Researchers at Leti are convinced that additive technologies are a plus for silicon! And research carried out with Liten proves that they are right. Additive technologies can be used for very thick (100 microns and more) layers and for large-surface systems at lower cost than silicon processes. The researchers have already produced a radio-frequency inductor using screen printing. The inductor, which operates at 2 GHz with a quality factor of 30, has already garnered interest from a manufacturer for integration.

The researchers have also built an energy-harvesting system demonstrator. Rather than the usual hybrid piezoelectric layer, the system boasts a piezoelectric layer printed using a process developed by Liten. The system provides enough energy to power a radio-frequency link.

Contact: christophe.billard@cea.fr

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