Leti Annual Review takes on a new format

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Published : 3 December 2012

The Leti Annual Review—a two-day conference where Leti researchers present their latest findings—will become the four-day Leti Innovation Days starting in 2013. This change will enable the conference to address even more technology- and innovation-related topics and delve into them in greater detail. The first Leti Innovation Days will be held at MINATEC on June 25−28, 2013.
The first two days will consist of plenary sessions and workshops—much like the former Leti Annual Review. The last two days will consist of a series of high-level workshops held in parallel to address specific technology subjects; the subjects to be covered in 2013 include 3D integration, memory, photonics, safety, imaging, and nanopackaging. A start-up session is also scheduled to illustrate how Leti supports innovation and economic development.

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