Leti duo wins Général Ferrié electronics award

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Published : 4 February 2013

Leti researchers Olivier Faynot and Claire Fenouillet-Béranger, along with two engineers from STMicroelectronics, won the 2012 Général Ferrié research in electronics award for their 15 years of work on FD-SOI. Their work has led to the development of a smartphone “super chip” at ST-Ericsson that slashes processing times by up to 35% while lengthening battery life.
FD-SOI now offers a potential solution to electronics makers’ never-ending quest for more computing power—today’s smartphone processors are as fast as PC processors—and longer battery life. The award was given in Paris in early December. A second ceremony will be held in Crolles at a date to be announced.

Contact: olivier.faynot@cea.fr

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