Leti expands IT security evaluation services with new accreditations

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Published : 8 December 2015

Leti is home to an IT security evaluation center (CESTI) approved by France’s national IT security administration. The center continues to expand its range of evaluation services as proven by two recent achievements. First, CESTI Leti granted EAL6+ certification (EAL7 is the highest security level) to a Samsung secure microcontroller. The certifi cation was validated by France’s national IT security agency, ANSSI. Since then, CESTI Leti has completed several other EAL6+ evaluations.
In addition, the center recently earned recognition as an offi cial evaluation laboratory for the new NXP-MIFARE certification system. This popular contactless IC technology is used for ticketing, access control, and mobile applications. These achievements mean further growth for CESTI Leti, in a market driven by increasingly stringent IT security requirements.

Contact: elisabeth.crochon@cea.fr

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