Leti experiments with 5G networks at MINATEC

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Published : 3 April 2017

Leti convinced France’s telecommunications regulator ARCEP to issue a license for the institute to run a six-month trial (H1 2017) at 3.5 GHz with a bandwidth of 40 MHz.
The frequency could be the first to be released for 5G network rollout, and Leti wants to use it for multiservice transmission tests on the MINATEC campus. A base station was installed at a high point on the campus and three mobile terminals will be used to emulate smartphones.
The researchers working on the project will start by tackling how to enhance the signal waveform and decode it at the receiver. In particular, they will test a post-OFDM multicarrier waveform to make sure that it is compatible with the three types of service 5G networks will primarily provide: very-high-speed internet, optimized transmission for IoT, and high-reliability low-latency communications.
The researchers will also experiment with innovative multiple-access control systems to demonstrate that information can be transmitted and received by multiple users simultaneously. Finally, they will test some of the more advanced features of tomorrow’s 5G networks, like in-band full-duplex, which can double capacity by allowing data to be transmitted and received at the same time on the same frequency band.

Contact: dimitri.ktenas@cea.fr

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