Leti Innovation Days brings together businesses and researchers

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Published : 10 June 2013

Leti’s annual gathering will be held at MINATEC on June 25–28—with one big novelty: this will be the first year of the new format, beefed up considerably relative to the Leti Annual Review. This first edition of the Leti Innovation Days will include a full program of talks and workshops on technical topics. The central theme will be the impetus that innovation and technology transfer can give to all kinds of businesses.

The first day will consist of plenary sessions, including one on start-ups that will showcase Leti’s experience with spinning off new businesses. Speakers will include industry professionals like Marc Pircher, President of the Toulouse Space Center. The second day will consist of four parallel talks on technology-related issues. On the third day participants will be able to choose from workshops on memory, photonics and imaging, nanopackaging, and 3D design.

Visit www.leti-innovationdays.com for the full program and registration.

Contact: nadege.canton@cea.fr

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