Leti kicks off four strategic programs

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Published : 4 February 2019

This year Leti is kicking off four new strategic programs. These cross-disciplinary programs are designed to respond to the major challenges over the horizon. So, what will the new programs address?

First, quantum computing for HPC*: Leti will create a platform for the development of qubit-on-silicon technologies.

Second is embedded artificial intelligence, which will focus on innovative circuit architectures built on non-volatile memory and 3D integration.

The third program on cyberphysical systems, will focus on developing low-cost LIDAR** on fully-integrated semiconductors for data fusion and artificial intelligence.

Finally, the 5G program will create tomorrow’s telecommunications infrastructure based on smart antennas whose dynamic transmission will boost both network speed and energy efficiency.


*High Performance Computing
**Light Detection and Ranging


Contact: camille.giroud@cea.fr

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