Leti launches hardware emulation services using Veloce

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Published : 4 December 2017

Startups, SMBs, and large companies that would like to verify the designs of their future single- or multi-processor circuits can now benefit from the support of a new emulation service at Leti offering record-breaking performance.
For the past four years Leti and Mentor® (a Siemens company) have been working together to use and improve Mentor’s Veloce emulator, which is around a thousand times faster than conventional simulation tools. For the same time it takes conventional tools to complete validation, Veloce can complete a much more thorough verification of the future circuit and, in particular, OS boot.
For companies using the service, which is available remotely, Leti will ensure that their designs are implemented optimally on the emulator, troubleshoot, and analyze the results. Leti is currently signing contracts with its first customers for this new service.

Contact: stephane.bailly@cea.fr

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