Leti presents 2011 research results in a series of five reports

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Published : 1 October 2012

If you have been wondering about Leti’s research results for 2011, look no further! The lab has published a series of five reports (in English) available as downloads on the Leti website. Printed versions of the reports have been sent to Leti partners.
To design the reports, Leti looked at how top-tier universities communicate their research results. Each report is broken down into set of one-page data sheets on a particular research project, with a list of the year’s major publications relevant to that area. The data sheets are grouped by topic into chapters. The reports round out Leti’s more traditional annual activity report (also available in English on the Leti website).

Download the reports at: http://www-leti.cea.fr/en/Discover-Leti/Documents3



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