Leti signs new sporting-goods partnership

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Published : 1 April 2014

Leti, which already works with Oxylane on the brand’s Nabaiji MP3 player for swimmers and Babolat on an instrumented tennis racket, is now joining forces with a running-shoe manufacturer to develop instrumentation for an ultra-thin insole. The product will leverage a series of sensors to give runners data like whether they are pronating or supinating, their stride, speed, hydration—and even their motivation level.
In May, around 20 CEA joggers will be equipped with prototypes; a kiosk will be set up at the entrance to H3 to read and display the data after each run.
The results will be used to select the ideal team for the Ekiden marathon to be held on October 19. On the day of the race, data from the insoles will be displayed on a giant screen throughout the event.

Contact: jean-michel.goiran@cea.fr





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