Leti teams up with Rohde & Schwarz on RF

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Published : 10 June 2013

Rohde & Schwarz, a German manufacturer of radiofrequency (RF) test equipment, has teamed up with Leti to develop technology to improve its systems. The goal is to find a way to characterize the RF blocks (like amplifiers, oscillators, and frequency mixers) used in tablets and smartphones under real-world conditions.

Existing characterization tools take into account only a “standard” configuration, but the chips into which these RF blocks will be integrated could have two inputs, two outputs, or an unusual impedance characteristic. This is a major stumbling block for R&D in this field.

Leti’s partnership with Rohde & Schwarz will start with PhD research. The firm hopes to eventually be able to offer new options with its equipment, while Leti plans to grant licenses for using its algorithms and characterization method.

Contact: jerome.prouvee@cea.fr

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