Leti traces its SOI history in a new book

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Published : 10 June 2013

In a new book called Des Hommes et des Ions (“Of Ions and Men”), French journalist Isabelle Doucet tells the story of how Leti researchers—including Michel Bruel, Alain Soubie, and Jean-François Michaud—studied and revolutionized microelectronics R&D with their work on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology.

The book is subtitled Chroniques d’une Aventure Humaine (“Chronicles of a Human Adventure”). It traces how an intuition was transformed into a R&D project, and, ultimately, a business plan with the Smart Cut™ technology patented by Michel Bruel in 1991. Recently published and distributed by CEA-Leti, the book contains 76 pages of testimonials and photos spanning the three decades of blood, sweat, and labcoats that led to the founding of highly-successful Soitec just before the turn of this century.

Contact: didier.louis@cea.fr


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