Leti unveils a 10 Gb/s integrated transmitter-on-silicon

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Published : 1 June 2012

Leti and III-V Lab have marked a major step forward in silicon photonics by combining onto a single chip a hybrid laser (III-V materials and silicon) with 9-nm wavelength tunability and a silicon modulator. Conventionally, the laser sources for photonic components are fabricated separately and transferred onto the substrate, which complicates the process and results in higher costs.
This next-generation transmitter was developed under the EU Helios project in association with Belgian and British researchers. It has numerous applications in telecoms, such FTTH networks and data transfer among and within data centers. The project team is now looking to achieve higher bandwidths, like 25 Gb/s—or even 40 Gb/s.
Contact: jean-marc.fedeli@cea.fr

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