Leti’s Building 41 ready to take on next heat wave

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Published : 2 February 2015

The work to overhaul the cooling system at Leti’s Building 41 that was completed in 2014 had to overcome several challenges. First of all, the temperature in the 6,000 sq. m of cleanrooms had to be maintained at a steady 21°C, even during a heat wave. Critical components like small-diameter hoses and under-sized tanks were replaced to increase the system’s capacity to 400 kWh. An additional 400 kWh cooling unit was installed and is currently being hooked up to the rest of the system.

The overhaul was required to meet the demands of the cleanrooms’ growing fleet of heat-intensive 300 mm equipment. The building’s cooling system must be capable of regulating the temperature of the 300,000 cu. m/hour of outside air that is injected into the building. The previous system began showing its limitations when outdoor temperatures exceeded 32°C. Building 41 is now ready for whatever weather next summer has in store.

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