Life-sized IoT experiments underway at Maison MINATEC

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Published : 4 February 2019

In January, IoT-type sensors were rolled out for testing at Maison MINATEC. The sensors are measuring things like air quality, the use of mobile room partitions, and the number of visitors. Some of the underlying technologies were developed at Leti and being scaled up for manufacturing by companies like eLichens, JYSE, and Adeunis RF. The test rollout is giving the sensor manufacturers a chance to demonstrate the benefits of their products, make improvements before they start manufacturing, and have a real-world use case to give their solutions more credibility on the market.

The test is part of the “Territoires Solutions” project run by French Tech in the Alps, which supports local startups. Other locations for further tests have already been identified (subsidized housing complexes, schools, sports fields, farmland, mountainous areas, etc.).


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