Liquid crystals could make lithium-ion batteries safer

Categorie(s) : News, Research

Published : 4 February 2016

Researchers from INAC and Liten have developed a new-generation solid electrolyte based on thermotropic ionic liquid crystals. The purpose of the research was to improve lithium-ion battery safety and performance. The crystals self-organize into nanometric strips and help prevent the charge buildup and thermal runaway that can cause liquid-electrolyte batteries to catch on fire or explode. The new electrolyte material transports ions effectively and offers good thermal and electrochemical stability. The high-temperature ion conductivity also looks promising, as does the material’s performance in actual batteries. The research is ongoing under a Ph.D. research project and a joint project with CEA Nanosciences, a cross-cutting CEA program. Two patent applications have been filed.


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