Lithography: non-chemically-amplified resin validated

Categorie(s) : MINATEC, News, Research

Published : 6 June 2016

In the coming years, non-chemically-amplified resins could be used in 300 mm lithography processes to create circuit patterns with more accurate control of dimensions and lower edge roughness. The members of the industrial R&D project Imagine, which include Leti, recently validated the process on industrial-grade equipment for the first time ever.

A preliminary evaluation of the resin was completed with a single beam. The resin was then successfully tested on a 1,300-beam Mapper machine (Mapper is also a partner on the project). The process was developed specifically to facilitate transfer to a manufacturer, which is expected to take place in 2018.

In other research conducted under an Inter-Carnot project currently undergoing final approvals, Leti plans to assess other non-chemically-amplified resins in conjunction with the University of Mulhouse.


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