Local science website now has jobs section

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Published : 1 June 2015

This June the website “38 de Sciences” (a joint endeavor of the French Physics Society and the Fondation Nanosciences) is adding a new careers section with job offers.

The goal is to centralize links to available internship, PhD, post-doc, research, and teaching positions on the websites of over 100 organizations (including laboratories, institutes, doctoral schools, and more). The aim is to make it easier for the scientific community—and the international scientific community in particular—to find career opportunities that may interest them in Grenoble, Valence, and Annecy.

The primary mission of “38 Sciences” still is to maintain an online calendar of local scientific events. With this extraordinary new initiative, the website will also become a go-to source for information for the entire scientific community across the Alpine Arc.

Check it out at www. sfp.grenoble.cnrs.fr

Contact: stephanie.monfront@fondation-nanosciences.fr

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