Longer-range, more accurate RFID tag reading

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Published : 1 October 2022

RFID systems are inexpensive, but their range is limited, and they are not as accurate as they could be. This makes them unsuitable for tasks like automated inventory tracking with functionalities like people and property location or counting, for example.
CEA-Leti, a member of the Carnot Network, developed a miniaturized superdirectional antenna and direction and distance estimation algorithms in research conducted for two projects*.
The demonstrator produced by CEA-Leti performs a 360° beam scan, determining the direction of a tag to within a few degrees’ accuracy. For distance, the goal is to accurately locate tags to within ten centimeters. The antenna measures just 18 cm in diameter, almost half its wavelength.
Livestock monitoring field tests (on ewe and lamb herds) will be carried out with fellow Carnot Network member France Futur Élevage in 2023.
The researchers hope that they will then be able to integrate their technology into industrial logistics solutions.

*Lotar (Auvergne Rhône Alpes regional government) and, later, Salto (an inter-Carnot project)

Contact: jacques.reverdy@cea.fr

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