MagIA cofounder Sarah Delshadi earns kudos from C’Nano

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Published : 4 February 2019

The Centre national de compétences en Nanosciences granted the C’Nano 2018 dissertation award in the Completed Research category to Sarah Delshadi in December.

Delshadi completed her dissertation on fast immunological diagnostic testing combining superparamagnetic nanoparticles and structured micromagnets at IAB and G2ELab. Earlier research by CNRS and Grenoble Institute of Technology (G2ELab, Institut Néel, and LMGP) had demonstrated that arrays of micromagnets do effectively capture magnetic nanoparticles in suspension. Delshadi went further.

She developed an immunological diagnostic protocol called Magnetic Immuno Assay, or MagIA, that represents a breakthrough with regard to current techniques. She also cofounded startup MagIA, where she co-directs R&D and manages quality and regulatory aspects.



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