MagIA raises €1 million to complete its analysis system

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Published : 4 February 2019

Startup MagIA Diagnostics, which is housed at CIME Nanotech, recently announced that it had raised €1 million from two investors active in medtechs and medical diagnostics. The influx of funds will be used to complete a pre-industrial prototype of the company’s innovative blood analysis system. The system, which leverages developments made by G2ELab and LMGP, can perform tests in just fifteen minutes from a single drop of blood.

The funds will also position MagIA to complete clinical trials on a first Hepatitis B panel and, later, develop a combined test kit to screen for sexually-transmitted viruses. MagIA is targeting screening centers and nonprofit groups that provide services to drug addicts, the incarcerated, and migrants. The company plans to release its first products on the market in 2020.



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