Maison MINATEC on the move

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Published : 2 February 2015

The year’s start will be marked by a number of moves into and out of Maison MINATEC. The department in charge of patents and contracts at the CEA Tech Transfer Division (around 60 people) will move to Building C1 located on the CEA campus. Maison MINATEC is required to keep a semi-open-door policy to accommodate the many special events hosted there.
The move will give this particularly sensitive department the benefits of a more secure location closed to visitors. The move will free up space for the CEA Strategic Marketing and Market Research (SMS-BEM) Department, which is already located at Maison MINATEC. The department will occupy a space better suited to its needs—and will also be able to bring CEA-Leti and Inria teams to Maison MINATEC and its extension


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