Marie-Paule Schuhl takes the helm of Grenoble Institute of Technology communications department

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Published : 2 February 2015

Effective on December 15, 2015 Marie-Paule Schuhl succeeded Xavier Oster as head of the Grenoble Institute of Technology communications department. Schuhl and her seven-person department will support the school’s international development strategy, including promoting the school’s partnerships internationally. The development of the new Grenoble-Alps University will also be a major focus for the department.

During her tenure at Grenoble University’s Joseph Fourier School, Marie-Paule Schuhl headed the Arcane Laboratory of Excellence (Labex) and coordinated relations between Grenoble’s fourteen Labex programs. Her eclectic career path, which began with degrees in musicology and communications, includes an eight-year stint at Radio France’s orchestra division and a strong track record in communications and media relations consulting.


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