MEIS looks at nanowire constraints

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Published : 10 June 2013

MEIS, or medium-energy ion scattering, off ers very-high-resolution chemical and structural surface analysis capabilities. The technique works by analyzing the energy and angle of backscattered ions, and is frequently used for fl at layers. A team of researchers from INAC and Leti recently came up with an innovation when they used MEIS to study the optical properties of gallium nitride nanowires.

The nanowires’ optical properties depend on the constraints of the nitrides in the wires. MEIS can assess the constraints to within 0.1% by measuring the deformation of the atomic structure by depth.

Software modifi cations made this new use of MEIS possible. It could potentially be used for deformation measurements on other nanowires—like germanium-silicon or indium gallium arsenide, for instance.



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