MEMS-Al and NanoAndes to be held at the same time in Mexico

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Published : 2 October 2018

At the end of November, the MEMS-Al and NanoAndes schools, whose supporters include Grenoble-Alps University (via the IDEX grant), CNRS, Fondation Nanosciences, la Puya Internationale, and the CEA, will be held at the same time in Monterrey, Mexico. Academic researchers form Grenoble will teach along side their Latin American peers; industrial R&D professionals will also participate. MEMS-Al focuses on micro and nanosystems, covering theory, technology, and applications (IoT and Big Data). NanoAndes addresses nanomaterials and thin-film synthesis, characterization, and applications in healthcare and energy. Each of the two schools will enrol 50 students from Latin America. A common day will give students a chance to discover the many ways in which nanoscience and nanotechnology and digital technology are interdependent.



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