MEMS micromirrors could help automotive LiDAR systems “see” further

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Published : 1 October 2022

CEA-Leti developed MEMS micromirrors for automotive LiDAR systems in research conducted for the EU Vizta project.
The CEA-Leti micromirrors move on two axes—right to left and top to bottom—, reflecting the laser beam to effectively scan a scene for vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles.
The mirrors are controlled by piezoelectric actuators that slash operating voltage sixfold compared to current solutions.
And, instead of the usual gold or aluminum reflector, they used CMOS-compatible silicon Bragg layers, which are also less absorbent. This means that higher-powered lasers can be used, increasing the LiDAR’s range without overheating.
Finally, the mirrors also track their own movements to keep pedestrians’ eyes safe from the laser beam.


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