Micro and nanoelectronics design: Grenoble Institute of Technology to propose new apprenticeship program

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Published : 4 February 2013

In March, Grenoble Institute of Technology will present its pioneering new three-year initial training program to the Rhône-Alpes regional government. The new program would give micro and nanoelectronics design students hands-on learning opportunities through apprenticeships with companies in the industry. And Grenoble is home to a substantial number of high-tech companies—STMicroelectronics, Dolphin Integration, Asygn, Tiempo, and many others—likely to participate in the program.

Participating companies have a lot to gain. First, they would help counter the lack of a qualified workforce in this field, especially in RF and analog design. Second, they would get the opportunity to train students on their company’s operations and know-how, since the students would spend half their time at the company. Finally, they would benefit from the program’s practical nature—students’ classroom work would take place in “project mode,” just like in the workplace—since it is designed to enhance students’ teamwork skills. In fact, one of the program’s highlights is a project involving the design and post-fabrication characterization of an ASIC.
Students in the apprenticeship program would get the same instruction in engineering theory and scientific method as their peers in more traditional classroom-based programs. The program has been in the works for two years. If the regional government approves it, the first incoming class (18 to 20 students) would start next September. It would also be the first apprenticeship-based micro and nanoelectronics design program in France.

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