Microdisplays beat luminance records

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Published : 30 November 2014

Researchers at a joint lab uniting CEA-Leti and Microoled are developing color OLED microdisplays that could achieve record luminance of 5,000 candelas per square meter with both form factor and energy consumption well under those of LCD displays. The results of the EU FP7 SCOOP project (2011–2013) provided the cornerstone for this latest advance.
Under the SCOOP project, CEA-Leti studied new color OLED and high-luminance architectures and an ultra-thin encapsulation layer able to withstand extreme conditions. The demonstrators produced at the end of the project performed well, bringing home excellent results in terms of colorimetry (with 100% coverage of the RGB triangle), lifespan (up to 1,500 hours at 85°C and 85% humidity), and, of course, luminance (3,000 candelas per square meter for an RGB display).

Contact: stephanie.le-calvez@cea.fr
Learn more at: http://www.scoop-oled.eu

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