Microneedles could improve treatment of skin cancer

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Published : 5 October 2020

CEA-Leti and Inserm* researchers developed a polymer microneedle patch to treat sun-related skin cancer without surgery. The hundreds of tiny needles are applied to the lesion. They dissolve in less than an hour and, in the process, deliver a drug, which, when exposed to light, is activated and destroys malignant cells.
The researchers determined the optimal needle size and spacing and developed a chemical-free fabrication process. The needles’ length can be adjusted from 400 microns to 750 microns, making treatment pain free, yet still deep enough to reach lesions at the interface between the epidermis and dermis. A patent has been filed to protect the innovation and clinical trials are slated to begin. The microneedle patch could reach the market within three to five years.

Contact: mathilde.champeau@cea.fr

*Inserm’s OncoThAI unit, affiliated with Lille University and the Lille University Medical Center

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