Microstructure of halogenated hybrid perovskites revealed

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Published : 1 October 2022

Halogenated hybrid perovskites, or HHPs, have garnered interest for their potential as photovoltaic materials. New insights into these materials’ structural properties could shed new light on why their performance decreases so quickly over time.
Researchers at Irig studied MAPbI3*, a leading HHP. They discovered that the deformation that proves to be so detrimental to the thin films’ stability could not be explained solely by the gap between their thermal expansion coefficient and that of the substrate.

Their research also revealed that the double crystalline orientation sometimes observed is due to the presence of ferroelastic twinned crystals.
Last, but not least, they showed that the nature of the first layer (MAI or PBI2) in contact with the substrate influences the orientation of the perovskite.

Contact: stephanie.pouget@cea.fr

*methylammonium lead iodide

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