Microwire and quantum dot could connect two worlds

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Published : 5 April 2021

An 18 µm conical gallium arsenide microwire with a quantum dot at its base could one day help connect the traditinal and quantum worlds. This novel device was developed by a research consortium* that included scientists from Irig. The advance could pave the way toward the development of ultra-sensitive sensors and quantum information technologies one day.

When the quantum dot is excited by a laser pulse, its volume expands slightly, causing the wire to bend. When the optically-induced excitation is repeated at the wire’s resonant frequency, vibration can be induced and measured. Ultimately, they would like to “print” the dot’s quantum state on the mechanical oscillator.

*Institut Néel, ENS Lyon, University of Campinas (Brazil), and University of Nottingham (Great Britain)

Contacts: julien.claudon@cea.fr, jean-philippe.poizat@neel.cnrs.fr

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