Middle-school science competition garners 350 entries

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Published : 7 June 2021

A total of ten CEA scientists and technicians gave GIANT’s “Affiche ta science” poster competition a helping hand this year, traveling to fourteen middle schools across the Isère district to talk about their careers. They also gave presentations on specific topics like microfluidics for medical applications, clean vehicles, low-temperature technologies, and cryogenics for space. The 350 participating students then paired up to produce either a poster or video on the topic presented to their class. The best posters and videos from each class were entered into the competition, which will culminate with a 100% online event on June 10. The program will include a talk by Phoenix Mobility (which makes a retrofit kit to convert fuel-powered vehicles into electric vehicles) and a virtual tour of the CEA showroom. The winners of the competition will also be announced, of course!

Contact: manon.mollo@cea.fr

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