Midi MINATEC brown bag lunch talks back after a seven-month hiatus

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Published : 5 October 2020

MINATEC’s legendary Midi MINATEC Friday brown bag lunch talks, put on hold in mid-March, started up again on Friday, October 2.  The next talk, scheduled for Friday, October 9, will be given by Grenoble’s contenders in the iGEM synthetic biology competition.
To ensure compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures, the number of open seats in the auditorium will be limited and, at the time this newsletter was printed, there will be no lunch. In addition, attendees, who must register in advance, are required to wear masks and to use social distancing.
The online Midi MINATEC on June 19 brought in 350 remote attendees, a success that sparked the new phygital format. If you would like to watch the live webcast, sign up today!

Contact: julie.spinelli@cea.fr

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