MINA-NEWS contest winner test drives Toyota Coms for a week

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Published : 6 October 2014

Marjolaine Allain was the first MINA-NEWS reader to spot the two “April fool’s” articles hidden in the newsletter’s April issue. Her sharp eye won her a week’s use of one of the CEA’s 30 electric vehicles. And the prize was greatly appreciated since Marjolaine ferries boxes of wafers back and forth between the 40-17 and BHT buildings around ten times a day!
Marjolaine was won over by the Toyota Coms—compact, easy to charge, and fun to drive. “It doesn’t have as much get-up-and-go as I am used to, but the fact that it is super-easy to park in town more than makes up for it.” The only real drawback Marjolaine found was the car’s tendency to fog up when it rains.

Contact: marjolaine.allain@cea.fr




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