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Published : 10 June 2013

Imaginez le Future (“Imagine the Future”), an interactive conference held by the Minalogic competitive cluster, will take place in Grenoble on July 4, 2013. It will be free of charge and open to researchers and industry professionals.

The event will kick off with a presentation on Minalogic’s strategic goals for 2013–2018. This will be followed by talks on key challenges for the future like healthcare, energy efficiency, and smart miniaturized solutions. Live tweeting of the event will let people comment in real time.

The conference will also include exhibits of Minalogic’s recent projects (including products and demonstrators), so participants can learn more about the cutting-edge R&D going on at the cluster and ask questions. Participants can also help envisage Minalogic’s future by writing their ideas on Post-It notes and sticking them on a giant display board.

Visit www.minalogic.com for the full program and registration.

Contact: ingrid.mattioni@minalogic.com

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