Minalogic project brainstorming sessions expanded

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Published : 30 November 2014

Minalogic invites its members to twice-yearly project brainstorming sessions where twenty or so ideas for potential projects are presented. The first session of 2015, scheduled for January 22, will be larger in scope. Representatives of other clusters in the Rhône-Alpes region will also be invited to attend and present either an existing business or R&D project idea. By expanding the sessions, Minalogic hopes to nurture fruitful new synergies between its own competencies in fields like microelectronics, photonics, and software, and other clusters’ interest areas in sectors such as energy, biology, chemicals, environmental technologies, transportation, and textiles.
The very popular sessions will still follow the same format with a strict five-minute time limit for each presentation.

Contact: marie.thiery@minalogic.com


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