MINATEC brings home five Innovative Business Start-up awards

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Published : 1 October 2012

Five MINATEC companies and business ideas in 2012—up from three in 2011—were recognized in an award ceremony for innovative new businesses as part of the French government’s program to finance start-ups.
In the Business Creation & Development category, the two MINATEC-based winning companies are Wavelens, a maker of optical parts for miniature cameras (founded by a Leti engineer) and Stiral, whose micro-mobile-wall heat exchangers were tested at Liten.
In the Business Ideas category, all three MINATEC-based winning projects employ technology developed at Leti. They are: Primo1D, which makes fabric threads incorporating electronic components; RPMK, which offers high-speed, wireless access to mass data storage; and Bee Secured, the most original project, which tracks bees using a system of specially-equipped hives in order to assess ecosystems.

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