MINATEC celebrates LNT’s tenth anniversary in Ho Chi Minh City

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Published : 6 October 2014

MINATEC Director Jean-Charles Guibert was part of a delegation that travelled from Grenoble to Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Laboratory for NanoTechnology on September 19.
The lab, located on the Vietnam National University campus, is emblematic of MINATEC’s long-term commitment to the LNT—since 2004 MINATEC has donated equipment, run classes for Vietnamese students and researchers, and supported the LNT’s tech-transfer activities.
The Grenoble scientific community’s close ties with its peers in Vietnam can be traced back to the exchange programs initiated by Grenoble Institute of Technology. The MINATEC Nanolab, founded in 2007, is a more recent example. The lab aims to help emerging economies leverage France’s know-how in micro- and nanotechnology. One of the projects run by the lab involves manufacturing chemical sensors to test water quality at shrimp farms.

Contact: jean-charles.guibert@cea.fr


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