MINATEC gets €150 million worth of new buildings

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Published : 10 June 2013

With €150 million of building construction projects planned or underway, MINATEC is undergoing a major expansion—its biggest leap forward since it was established in 2002.
The Nanobio2 building (1,400 m2 of useable space) will be inaugurated in just a few weeks. Construction has begun on the Phelma II building (8,500 m2 of gross floor area) and on a new skills center (10,000 m2 of gross floor area) that will be home to Leti and CNRS researchers starting in 2015. Plans to expand the B2I and BHT 2 buildings and the outdoor showroom have been approved and construction should begin soon.
The approvals committee for the photonics platform (13,000 m2 of gross floor area) met on May 23, 2013 and plans to build a new innovation center (2 x 10,000 m2 of gross floor area) will move forward as soon as financing is secured.

Coming soon: Shops and services
This spate of construction projects reflects MINATEC’s undeniable success. The BHT building is bursting at the seams and cannot cope with new requests from companies seeking to set up shop there. Several R&D programs, especially in photonics, are ramping up and need more space. Staff working in portable buildings dream of one day having permanent facilities.
The construction work is being financed by local government agencies, private sector organizations, and the CEA; the French national government plays just a minor role in financing the new projects. Employees working at MINATEC will see a major difference once the innovation center is complete: 2,000 m2 of shops and services will be located where the on/off ramp used to be.

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